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About Us

How we started


The Ostad Store started in 2017 and has been predominantly offering household products. We have worked with a variety of suppliers and designers over the years and are very excited about developing Ostad into one of the leading providers of chemical-free pest control products.  

Why Ostad?


We set out to provide quality pest control solutions that we ourselves use. Our team, with extensive personal and professional experience in the United States and China, worked extensively with our suppliers to develop products that we stand by with a 100% guarantee.


“The other swatters I have owned pale in comparison to this product and I highly recommend it.”


“This is easily the best electric fly swatter I have ever used... Other larger spaced multilevel swatters I have tried don't work since the small flies in most cases pass right through...”


“My 2 boys were taking turns swinging it and killing numerous flies with each swing! Lots of little pops! So satisfying, and so helpful for killing flies! This is a great product, and is highly recommended.”

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